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 Blue Zerk quest guide.

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PostSubject: Blue Zerk quest guide.   Blue Zerk quest guide. I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 28, 2010 7:47 pm

Blue zerk quest on lvl95

On lvl95 there is serie of scenario quests which give u Blue zerk and Yellow label in fron of name. On euro side it is Knight. This tutorial is for euro chars but almost work on chinese too, just there are other NPCs.
Blue zerk has same damage as previous red one, but u get 10% more defence (15% on lvl100). And when there are 2ppl in same party using blue zerk, they get 20% dmg more and also color change to gold or orange.
Quest 1 - Military Test 1

U have to go to Constantinopole and visit NPC Rachel. Talk to her twice and second time she port u to special area, where u have to stay 10minutes alive. U dont have to kill enemies, just stay alive. There spawn 95lvl champion, but with high amount of HP around as Party giant. He hitted me 1-5k dmg on my LA set 9D. When u stay alive this quest is done.
Quest 2 - Material for medicine

Talk to Rachel again and than visit NPC Witch. U can find her at lighthouse near constantinopole.
Quest 3 - Stone Beast's Bell

Again talk to Witch and she give u next quest. GO to jangan cave to B2 and there to room 7+ (just port from 2nd room on north port) and there attack these mobs: Stone Ghost Tomb Ghost Tomb Spirit and u will get drop called Beast's Bell, for me it dropped imediatly from first mob.
Go to jangan and meet Jeonghye he is in jangan near place Jaeunsa.
Quest 4 - Spirit's Shell

Again talk to Jeonghye and he give u new item u have to go to TOMB (is south east from jangan, just Tomb not Cave), exactly it is X: 7175 Y: 309 and here right click on item, there will apear 95 champions mob. U can easy kill him. GO back tostarting NPC.
Quest 5 - Witch's Scroll

Go to Constantinopole and than to lighthouse and talk to Witch, than go and talk to Adria ( hunter asociation NPC in Constantinopole)
Quest 6 - The Spirit

Adrian give u traps. U have to go to TaklaMakan on Nyia generals. There u can right click on trap and on floor apear trap. Than u must lure Nyia general to this trap. When mob stand on it u can get Spirit or it can fail. Usualy u get Fusser Spirit, but u need Normal Spirit. Unfortunetly u can use this trap once in 60second so it is complicated. U need one Normal Spiritand i needed 40traps for it and in that time i got 16 Fusser Spirit which are unuseful.
When u drop 1 Normal Spirit u can go back to Witch in COnstantinopole lighthouse
Unfortunetly u cant use ports so u must go COnsta-TaklaMakan on horse or by foot.
Quest 7 - Piece of Spirit

Again talk to Witch and she port u to new area where spawn 95 mob. He isnt much storng.. 1k dmg and less, but he has frozen and frosbite. in this quest be sure u have berserker ready, because u have to kill this enemy in berserker mode or quest will fail.
Quest 8 - New Power

Talk to Witch and than visit Rachel in COnstantinopole and quests are done, now u have blue zerk and Yellow label in front of name.

Blue Zerk quest guide. PangyacopyBlue Zerk quest guide. Neon-colours-butterfly-heartBlue Zerk quest guide. Yachiru
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Blue Zerk quest guide. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blue Zerk quest guide.   Blue Zerk quest guide. I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 30, 2010 2:26 am

Have fun with Quest 6. Drove me crazy with those traps. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

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Blue Zerk quest guide.
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